Dundee Pond

Launch Info:
 Carry In [Launch Site]
 Bathroom: None
 Parking: Street
 Coffee: N/A
Swimming: Yes Lake Info: Survey Map Fish: Large Mouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, Perch Seasonal Birds: Osprey

Great pond is a carry in access only pond in Cape Elizabeth Maine. Parking is located on the street at the far end of Fenway Rd. Bring a wheel cart or a buddy because the distance from the end of the road to the launch is over 200 yards.

This shallow pond, maxdepth 5′, has great large mouth bass fishing. This is a place which is a great place to visit for a morning or evening. The pond isn’t huge so it’s easy to cover it all in a few hours.

In addition to other kayakers, you’ll see predator birds fishing in the pond.