Kayak Fishing – Onway Lake

Date: 07/03/2018
Launch Site: [Google Maps], limited parking, no facilities
Lake Map: [NH Fish and Game]

Due to Beaver Pond, in Bear Brook State Park, being accessible only to patrons of the campground, at least at 6:30 am, I opted to check out Onway Lake as it was on the way home.

Thigh for scale

First take away is that parking is limited. The launch area is a narrow path with a paved road that goes straight into the water. Dirt patches on the side are for cars, watch out for rocks on the stops closer to the water.

Once on the water this lake is beautiful. Lots and lots of water lilies and birds.


Along the Dearborn Estate Easement is a large mash. While I was fishing just outside the water lilies, a great blue heron was stalking prey from the shore.

For a developed lake this is a rather nice place to go for a quiet paddle. There are no motor restrictions as I found when a water skier was slalom skiing what I can only guess were buoys for a sea plane?

Since this location was not the original plan I wasn’t able to stay out as long as I would have liked and I will be coming back.